We Provide Our Agents With Practical and Affordable Direct Marketing Services Sales Training Programs in Kansas City, KS That Result in Great ROI

How do you get your name out there and attract qualified prospects? The most successful producers know how to market themselves and their products to produce a positive return on investment. Advisors First Academy is an innovative insurance marketing organization led by agents who have experience with a variety of marketing strategies and know what actually works in the market. We provide our members with sales training programs that help them take the guesswork out of quality lead generation. We also teach our agents how to generate business by packing seminars with prospects who are already interested in what’s being offered. In addition to seminar sales training, we can assist you in creating and executing an effective seminar marketing plan. Our members enjoy access to discounted direct marketing services, such as compliance approved seminar invitations3. In order to access top-notch services and insider tips on selling annuities and sales certification, contact Advisors First Academy in Kansas City, KS today and learn more about what we offer. 

Proven Effective Seminar Invitations at Discounted Prices

Here are some tips for creating seminar invitations and running an effective direct mail campaign with Advisors First Academy:
  • Get a great mailing list: we help you identify your target audience and obtain the right mailing list using powerful demographic tools 
  • Create an effective design: we have various tested-and-proven mailer designs that are both eye-catching and persuasive 
  • Include a prominent call to action: we know how to use design placement and specific language to promote high response-rates 
  • Make registration easy: our members get to use an RSVP service that confirms and reminds registered persons to attend 

These tips will help you increase your seminar attendance, however, that’s not all it takes to market annuities effectively! If you’re interested in joining a cutting-edge organization that offers unique sales training programs for selling annuities, contact us today. 

Branding and Marketing for Insurance Agents

Because you offer the same products and services as your competitors, branding is one of the foundational aspects of marketing for insurance agents. Our insurance marketing and sales training organization can help you build your personal brand and differentiate yourself from competitors when selling annuities.

We ask our members these branding-related questions in order to get a better idea of how our sales training programs can help them grow. 

  • What differentiates you from competitors? 
  • What are your business goals? 
  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What are the concerns as well as the goals of your target audience? 
  • What marketing tactics have worked for you in the past? 

Our Turnkey Seminar Marketing Plan Will Boost Your Event Attendance With Interested Leads

If you want to make more money selling annuities, seminars are the way to go. However, most agents have wasted money hosting ineffective events. The issue could be in a lack of attendance, lackluster presentation skills, or a number of other factors. But Advisors First Academy is an insurance marketing and sales training organization that coaches our members on every step of the process. We offer a turnkey seminar marketing plan in Kansas City, KS that can assist you with everything, including venue booking and marketing as well as presentation content and appointment setting.

We don’t just do the work for you; our top producers teach you a repeatable process that they’ve used hundreds of times to hold successful events. We show you how to make the most out of your earned marketing credits and sales certification to get a satisfactory return on your investment. 

Our Marketing Credits Program

The way our members receive discounted direct marketing services is through our marketing credits program. Contact us today in order to find out more about how our members in Kansas City earn credits and what they can be used for.

Reach your ideal audience with a powerful message at the opportune moment. Get better marketing results with assistance from Advisors First Academy, an insurance marketing organization that helps agents grow their businesses with proven sales training programs. 

Marketing Credits

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