Learn How to Organize, Market, and
Execute Effective Insurance Seminars With Our Seminar System & Sales Consulting in Kansas City, KS

The Advisors First Academy Seminar System is a turnkey process designed to help you organize successful retirement-focused insurance seminars and set more annuity appointments. We guide our members through every step of the process, from booking the venue to confirming appointments after the event. The financial seminar services available to our members include access to marketing credits. These help you significantly cut costs on advertising campaigns. Our sales consultants will teach you how to market your seminar by helping you target the right audience and reach them with a message that encourages action. You can learn how to give an insurance sales seminar that gains trust and speaks to the real concerns of retirees. Our trusted system and sales consulting in Kansas City, KS can help you pack your annuity seminar presentation with qualified prospects and set more annuity appointments with attendees. 

Give an Annuity Seminar Presentation That is Proven to Convert Guests into Clients 

Our insurance seminar system includes comprehensive sales consulting on how to give a persuasive annuity seminar presentation.

Our sales consultants provide presentation content as well as public speaking training and tips for building trust with your audience. Learn how to warm up the audience and make them feel comfortable with you immediately. Give an engaging presentation that speaks to the concerns as well as the goals of your audience. Book appointments with the majority of your attendees and close those deals. That’s the track we guide you through with our insurance sales training. 

Our members receive one-on-one or small-group insurance and annuity training from seasoned agents who have executed dozens of successful seminars. We even offer opportunities for you to sit in on our top producers’ seminars as well as client appointments to observe. Learn how to give a seminar from real, proven experience. 

The Advisors First Academy Seminar System prevents you from having:

  • an ineffective, expensive marketing campaign that half-fills the room with half-qualified prospects 
  • an unfinished annuity seminar presentation that doesn’t provide your attendees with information that they truly value 
  • a halfway-decent presentation that doesn’t secure half as many appointments as you’d hoped for 

We Offer a Variety of Financial Seminar Services to Help Our Members Hold Successful Events 

Many insurance agents try seminars and get disappointing results. Our seminar system offers the tools as well as the agent training you need to start getting an impressive ROI from your insurance seminars. These are some of the financial seminar services our members can take advantage of:

Join Our Annuity Training Course and Learn How to Give a Seminar That Sells

We’ll teach you a complete, repeatable process for hosting profitable insurance seminars. The seminar system is a complete package that takes the guesswork out and sets you up for success. Our system saves you time as well as money and helps you get the tools you need to fill your seminars and manage your leads; get the training you need to sell yourself and your products.

Find out how top producers turn insurance seminars into revenue by joining our sales consultants at Advisors First Academy. We are a unique field marketing organization for insurance agents who want to learn smart strategies for increasing their production. Contact us today in order to learn more about our services in Kansas City, KS and become a member. 

Insurance Seminars

Find out how top producers turn seminars into revenue by joining Advisors First Academy. We are a unique field marketing organization for insurance agents who want to learn smart strategies for increasing their production. Contact us today in order to learn more about our services and become a member.

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