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Do you accomplish more on a team or on an island? Advisors First Academy focuses on the success of our producers. There is no payment obligation for our system, mentoring, or training sessions. We offer a repeatable, proven system for generating leads and closing sales. Our FMO provides honest and transparent services to our producers, including sales ideas, marketing materials, administrative support, and guidance from top annuity producers who use the same exact system.

There is no reduction in street commission; you earn your full commission for every annuity you sell.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, fixed annuity sales grew 4.6 percent in 2019. People are buying them. We teach a process that has been used repeatedly by top industry producers to create successful careers selling annuities. You can do it to.

Our seminars are proven in diverse areas amongst diverse audiences across the United States. It’s not that seminars don’t work in your area, but rather that you haven’t tried the right presentation yet. We offer a unique process and strategies that motivate people to act. With the right marketing, presentation, and follow-up strategies, you can see major success with seminars no matter what city you’re in.

Neither Advisor First LLC, Advisor First nor Advisors First Academy are Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), nor do we offer or provide securities or investment advisory services. All financial and insurance professionals must follow applicable laws and regulations, and only the appropriately registered RIA affiliates may hold themselves out as an advisor.

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